2019 3rd Guangzhou Nansha International Sailing Regatta
2019-12-25 23:06:32

The scale of competition and the level of competition and popularity of the sailing regatta have reached a new high. The team lineup has nearly doubled. It comes from 8 countries and regions along the Maritime Silk Road. The two race boats of Far East 26 and J70 are divided into 11 A team of participating teams set sail in Nansha Bay.

In order to make better use of the brand interaction effects of the sailing regatta and Yacht CN activities, and to make full use of the location advantages to realize resource sharing, the Guangzhou Nansha International Regatta and YachtCN activities were co-organized to create a South China area sailing and yacht cultural promotion and promotion. A large platform for economic exchanges. The exhibition attracted 40 high-quality exhibitors to participate, covering industrial chain products such as real yachts, yacht equipment, terminal equipment, high-end automobile brands, real estate industry, and wedding planning industry.