Commodore's Message

Nansha Marina, achieve dreams
  • Under the outline development plan for the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area", the central government has pledged its efforts to build the GBA into a vibrant world-class city cluster. Nansha, the urban sub-center of Guangzhou, is located in the heart of the Greater Bay Area. It can boast a superior geographical location, abundant water resources and full accessibility, which has turned it into a bridgehead for the strategic cooperation between the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. Nansha is swiftly developing towards becoming a comfortable residential and business-friendly international maritime leisure tourism hub.

    Nansha Marina aspires to be a model marina of China, satisfying every boater’s and yachtsman’s need, designed and built by boaters and for boaters in full compliance with high international standards. It was the first Marina in mainland China to achieve the “Five Gold Anchor” rating by TYHA, and enjoys this high status till now.

    Since the official launch of Nansha Marina in 2011, it has always been committed to promoting and popularizing sailing culture in the area, from yacht driving courses to ASA international sailing training, from sailing experience to fishing experience, from OP youth sailing competitions to international sailing regattas, from private yacht gatherings to international yacht shows, due to all these Nansha Marina has become what it is now--an iconic landmark of Nansha. After years of steady development, Nansha Marina has turned into one of the major yacht industry business platforms that links together boaters, yacht manufacturers and dealers, and drives forward the development of the yacht industry in Guangzhou.

    In the future, Nansha Marina will continue to follow its vision as “Marina Leisure destination and regional boating hub of Sothern China", and ensure it provides the top-quality services to meet the needs of every boat owner and every like-minded sailing enthusiast.

    Realize your maritime dream here, in a beautiful coastal city of Nansha, together with Nansha Marina!