Membership Introduction

Where five-star ambience meets first class service

Regardless of whether you have sailing experience or not, as long as you have passion for the sea, Nansha Marina is the place to be. Open to both boaters and non-boaters, Nansha Marina Membership is the sure sign of your status in life and uncompromising ability to steer your own destiny. As a boater, you will have an excellent opportunity to meet others who share the same vision and enjoy the similar lifestyle. As a non-boater, you will find it amazingly easy to start developing a lifelong love for the ocean.

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Membership Type Individual Corporate (One nominee) Berthing Rights
Admiral Membership RMB 780,000 RMB 860,000 Yes
Ordinary Membership RMB 200,000 RMB 240,000 No

Membership Policy:

◆ Individual or Corporate membership is only transferable two years after joining and subject to10% transfer fee which is calculated according to the prevailing market price according to the type of membership held.
◆ Corporate membership’s nominee name can be changed. The related procedure is subject to 5% fee which is calculated according to the prevailing market price according to the type of membership held.
◆ Admiral Membership Subscription Fee is 1500 RMB/quarter, Ordinary Membership Subscription Fee—1200 RMB/quarter.
◆ All Memberships are valid till 1st January, 2040.

Members Rights and Benefits:

◆ Exclusive members' rates for private charter yacht.
◆ Exclusive complimentary use of Clubhouse facilities (e.g. gym, swimming pool, sauna, etc.)
◆ Participation rights in all Marina-organized Members Events& Activities.
◆ Invitation priority to boat shows, conferences, Regattas held by the Marina.
◆ Waiver of 15% service charge for all Clubhouse F&B facilities. including banquets and meetings.
◆ Members' rates for Nansha Marina Nautical Training Centre on all boating courses.
◆ Nansha Grand Hotel, Nansha Golf Club, WTC, etc affiliated member rate.
◆ Reciprocal Members rights with a range of marinas and yacht clubs aboard. (Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Turkey, UK, etc.

Special Benefits for Admiral Membership Holders

◆ Exclusive rights for wet/dry berth application (one berth per Admiral membership)
◆ Exclusive 50% discounted members' berthing rates (for both wet and dry berths)
◆ Up to 50% discounted rates for all kinds of standard haul-up works at the marina service yard.

Short-term Membership

For those temporary working and living in Guangzhou and its neighborhood, and seeking new experiences and exclusive lifestyle, Nansha Marina presents a special offer—Short-term Membership. With a vision of creating a premier leisure destination and regional boating hub of Southern China, Nansha Marina provides a platform for all likeminded boaters and those appreciating quality and uniqueness in their lives, and serves as an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of today's city life. A world of countless opportunities, vivid impressions and new experiences are waiting for you. We are looking forward to welcome you to Nansha Marina family!

Membership Types & Benefits
Membership Type/Price Membership Rights & Benefits
1 year: RMB 23,000
3 years RMB 48,000
Obtain 1 main card and 1 supplementary card

Exclusive members’ rates for all Nansha Marina products and services, including yacht and sail boat charter, nautical training, etc.

Participation rights & VIP treatment during tailored Nansha Marina Members activities and events.

Exclusive complimentary use of Clubhouse Family Area facilities (e.g. gym, swimming pool, sauna, kids’ room, etc.)

Waiver of 15% service charge for all Clubhouse F&B facilities., including banquets and meetings

The right to pay on the member’s account

Under other equal conditions, have priority in purchasing Nansha Marina membership after the expiry of a current one.