“Ta Ping Chuan” Thai Restaurant

Authentic Thai Cuisine for True Appreciators

Hot and sour Tom Yum Goong soup, whole pineapple fragrant fried rice, fresh prawns in rich curry sauce... Ta Ping Chuan restaurant offers a variety of most popular Thai delicacies that will allow you to get the taste of the authentic Thailand without leaving Guangzhou. Named after the early Qing Dynasty warship, the retro-style interior of the restaurant reflects the rich maritime history of the area where the Opium Wars were fought. Unique design, splendid marina views and delicious food thoroughly prepared by our professional Thai Chefs have made Ta Ping Chuan the place that attracts quality food lovers from all over Guangzhou and the neighboring cities. Traditional Thai dance performance will complement your dining experience making it truly unforgettable. Your Thai gourmet journey starts in Ta Ping Chuan

VIP Rooms

Our Thai Restaurant offers several stylishly furnished and totally private VIP rooms, each with its own spectacular marina view.

Business hours: 11:30-14:00   17:30-21:00
Location: 3rd Floor
Number of rooms: 6
Capacity: 10-12 pax/room
Size: 56-87 m2/room
Supporting facilities: TV, full set of high-end karaoke player and sound system

Clippers Restaurant & Café

Your ideal waterfront dining

Located on the 1st floor of the Nansha Marina Clubhouse, Clippers Restaurant & Café is an ideal waterfront dining venue with a well-chosen selection of dishes of international cuisine. Each dish is thoroughly prepared by our renowned chef team using top-quality fresh products and ingredients to ensure you have a truly exceptional and unforgettable dining experience.
After an exciting day on the water, what can be better than a delicious dinner or a fragrant cup of cappuccino on the cosy open-air terrace in the company of your closest ones? The distinctive stone-paved deck and a green lawn overlooking the marina basin create a perfect dining and entertainment venue for all kind of events: from formal banquets and meetings to private romantic candlelight dinners. No matter what kind of event you are planning to hold: large-scale dining party or a small open-air BBQ with the family, Clippers Restaurant & Café is an ideal choice for you!

Perfect venue for

Barbecue parties, fashion shows, cocktail receptions, annual parties, etc.

Business hours: 11:30-14:00 17:30-21:00
Cuisine: Western & Southeast Asian Style
Location: 1st Floor

Clippers Restaurant & Café Area Banquet Buffet Cocktail
Indoor 336sqm
100 pax 150 pax
Café Deck &Lawn 294sqm
100 pax 150 pax
Private room 33sqm 10 pax

Olympic Lounge

Connoisseur’s Choice

Located on the 2nd floor of the Marina Clubhouse, Olympic Lounge will strike your imagination with its original design and unique decorating style. Murals, pictures and other elements of décor were specially selected and delivered from different corners of the world, but all of them are united with one major theme—the Olympics, and this theme organically found its reflection in the Lounge’s name. Original Olympic Torches of Beijing Olympic Games 2008 and London Olympic Games 2012 are one of the most prominent items of the Lounge’s Olympic display.
This chic enclave overlooking the marina will be a perfect place where you can mingle and hang out with the friends over a couple of cocktails. Or enjoy a tailored theme party on the Lounge’s spacious open-air terrace …Or spend quiet and peaceful leisure time relaxing over a cup of coffee…We will be happy to offer you a wide range of beverages, refreshments and snacks able to satisfy your most demanding taste… If you are looking for a unique experience, Olympic Lounge is the place to choose.

Perfect venue for:

Private parties, cocktail receptions, etc.

Business hours: 14:00—21:00
Cuisine: Drinks & Snacks
Location: 2nd Floor

Olympic Lounge Area banquet Buffet Cocktail party
Olympic Lounge & Private rooms 327 sqm
60 pax 120 pax
Lounge Terrace 224 sqm
60 pax 120 people

Reservation number
+86 20 3907 8888
Reservation number
+86 20 3907 8888 turn Thai Restaurant
Reservation number
+86 20 3907 8888 turn western restaurant