Wet Berthing

Your ideal berthing destination

Our marina understands your private boat is priceless and thus provides the superb care and attention it needs to stay in tip-top shape. Our 130,000 sq. m. spacious marina basin with water depth ranging from 5 to 2,5m is fully protected by specially designed breakwaters to ensure the safety of the yachts moored inside. These are fully compliant with international marina environmental standards to ensure a constant flow of the basin’s water, while also preserving the marina’s aquatic life.

Marina basin is able to accommodate 352 wet berths, ranging from 30 to 165 ft, and currently 142 wet berths are fully constructed and put into use.All berths are equipped with a full range of essential utilities such as a landline phone, hot and cold running water, etc.

Our 50 m-wide marina basin’s entrance offers safe and convenient access to the basin waters, while on disembarkation the guests will be able to appreciate wider-than-international standard fairways.