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Become Internationally Certified Sailor With Us

American Sailing Association (ASA) was founded in 1983 with a mission to teach people to sail safely and confidently. Today it has grown into a globally-recognized organization with over 300 affiliated sailing schools located throughout USA, Europe, China, Far Eastern countries, South-East Asia, etc. 85% of the American commercial sailing schools use the ASA training system, while the ASA101 course is recognized by the United States Coast Guard as a Safe Boating Course  In 2017 Nansha Sailing Academy (Nautical Training Center) of Nansha Marina officially became ASA affiliate. ASA certifications are now recognized at charter companies and maritime employers all around the world. More than 7,500 professional instructors completed ASA proficiency courses, while more than 550,000 sailing enthusiasts have become ASA certified sailors. Begin your life-time sailing adventure by becoming an internationally certified sailor at Nansha Sailing Academy!

Training fees:

Course Member’s Rate (RMB) Guest’s Rate (RMB) Course Duration
ASA101&ASA103 6800 8000 5 days

Facilities Course Syllabus
All training equipment is provided 1. Parts of boat and their usage
2. Basic meteorology knowledge
3. Personal safety equipment
4. Sailing theory
5. Ability to assist getting boat underway
6. Understand the use of VHF radio
7. Ropeworks
8. Man overboard recovery
9. Navigation rules
10. Fire prevention & protection
11. Familiarize with anchoring procedures

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