Featured Rooms

From classic standard rooms to luxurious suites

Classic standard room: vintage wooden furniture, leather sofas and armchairs, traditional stone tubs, marble sinks, delicate Chinese tea sets, simple and elegant décor complemented with our professional and warm-hearted service, will make your stay with us pleasant and relaxing

Elegant suites: spacious and airy, decorated with vintage wooden furniture, finished with natural wood, brass and marble—c hic and elegant interior of the Stone Inn luxurious suite complemented with our professional and warm-hearted service, will make you want to return to your “Linganan home” again and again.

There is also a unique 2-level Captain Suite that apart from impressive 280 sqm of space will strike your imagination with its featured style and decorations, including wrought spiral stairs, living room with leather sofas, dining room with a massive marble table, SPA room, outdoor BBQ area overlooking the marina basin, etc. It has everything to make your stay with us distinctive and unforgettable.

Stone Inn Teahouse

One-of-a-kind ambience for your comfortable and cozy dining

Furnished with rosewood classic tables, decorated with hand-made Shiwan ceramic candlesticks to maximize the restoration of traditional Lingnan dining environment, Stone Inn Teahouse is a perfect place to enjoy delicious specialties of the traditional Lingnan cuisine, while seating in the open air galleria and feasting your eyes on the beautiful views of the waterfront. Or you can choose to seat inside and have a relaxing time with your family surrounded by the aroma of freshly baked bread.If you are looking for an ambience with a difference, Stone Inn Teahouse is the right destination for you.

Pirates Lounge

Try the boldness of a pirate’s life

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Bao Tsai, a legendary pirate, terrorized China's southern coast, captured and robbed cargo vessels at sea while hiding out in Hong Kong caves. Even nowadays his name is still familiar to everyone in Hong Kong. Some people say that he was a noble man who robbed the rich and helped the poor. Others say that he was a national hero against the Western powers. Many consider him a thug and robber. What was the real Zhang Bao Tsai like is the question yet to be answered. There is also a famous legend about Zhang Bao Tsai Cave, which says that there exists a cave that contains this pirate’s massive treasures. The underground "Zhang Bao Tsai Pirate Lounge" reconstructing the mysterious treasure cave atmosphere, gives you a taste of the unrestrained and adventurous pirate’s life.

Courtyard Garden

An inseparable element of the traditional Lingnan architecture

The courtyard garden is a distinctive element of the traditional Lingnan architecture: a quite open-air enclave which is harmoniously connected with the indoor spaces. It is actually the garden in the Inn, and at the same time the Inn is in the garden.

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