Tournament Introduction

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The establishment of Guangzhou Nansha Marina has not only established international standards for China’s yacht club industry, but also gathered up and down industrial chains related to yachts, providing an ideal exchange for domestic and foreign yacht manufacturers, brand agents and related accessories suppliers. Communication platform, and continue to expand the yacht culture and promote the navigation culture, increase the society's interest in yachts and sailing, and strive to build a "South China maritime business, leisure, vacation leader and yacht industry center”

Guangzhou, located in the fertile Pearl River Delta, is not only the central city of Southern China, but also the largest coastal city in Southern China. It is the most important port in the history of China's Maritime Silk Road and is known as the "Millennium Business Capital". Nansha, Guangzhou, is located at the southernmost tip of Guangzhou City, on the west bank of the Humen Waterway of the Pearl River. It is located in the geometric center of the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle. It is the only new district in Guangzhou that is surrounded by mountains and the sea. The sea area is vast, the coastline is long, and the environment is beautiful. It is also the Maritime Silk Road since ancient times. The must-travel place, with a strong maritime atmosphere and historical accumulation, has created superior geographical conditions and cultural foundations for the development of sailing in Nansha and the hosting of the Yacht CN Nansha Bay International Yacht Expo.

Guangzhou Nansha is located between Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau, and has a unique location advantage for hosting the Yacht CN Nansha Bay International Yacht Expo. The number of yachts currently owned in the Pearl River Delta region is already very considerable, and its rapidly developing economy has nurtured an elite class with great scale and strong purchasing potential, and there is a strong demand for yacht leisure lifestyle. In addition, many domestic yacht manufacturers who regard the Pearl River Delta region as their core production and sales areas need a broad platform to showcase their products and services and exchange advanced technologies in order to improve their design and production levels and expand their market share. Yacht CN Nansha Bay International Yacht Expo strives to create the largest yacht industry event and B2B and B2C trading platform for South China. Starting from Yacht CN 2012-Guangzhou Nansha Bay International Yacht Expo, it will be held annually at the Nansha Yacht Club in Guangzhou, China. At the same time as the Nansha Bay International Yacht Expo, the China Yacht Culture Forum, which is based on academic exchanges and aims to promote the development of China's marine yacht culture, was also held. Welcome domestic and foreign yacht terminal operators, yacht clubs, yacht manufacturers, brand agents and related equipment and accessories suppliers to participate!

As the development of China’s yacht industry is facing the challenge of transformation, in order to comply with the market and fair demand, Yacht CN-2016 Nansha Yacht Expo is the first attempt to continue the advantages of the past four sessions and to moderately innovate the exhibition to create yachts and related supporting facilities. The main industry display, supplemented by high-end fashion life exhibits, while gathering leisure and joy elements such as food, performances, etc., is a Binhai Carnival event.

On September 29, 2016, the signing ceremony of the “Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 Guangzhou docking station” was successfully held at Nansha Yacht Club, which means that Guangzhou will be one of the 12 docking stations in the world for the 2017-2018 season. The Volvo Ocean Race is very strict in selecting berths. After multiple rounds of inspection and certification, the event organizing committee chose Guangzhou, China to participate in this extreme sailing event. This is an affirmation of the development of sailing and windsurfing in Guangzhou. It is also a recognition of Guangzhou's ability to hold top international competitions.

The Volvo Ocean Race, the Olympic sailing competition and the America’s Cup are also known as the three major sailing events in the world. The sixth stop of the 2017-18 season is located in Nansha, Guangzhou! This is the first time that the Volvo Ocean Race has called a first-tier city in mainland China! The event village is located in Nansha Yacht Club.

The favor of the Volvo Ocean Race has brought a rare opportunity for the development of sailing in this city. In order to better develop tourism and sports in accordance with local conditions, at the same time promote the popularization of sailing marine culture to the citizens of Guangzhou, so that more and more people Understand and feel the charm of sailing. With the strong support of Guangzhou Municipal Government, the first Guangzhou Nansha International Sailing Festival came into being in July 2017.

In 2018, the second Guangzhou Nansha International Sailing Festival will continue the advantages and experience of the first Guangzhou Nansha International Sailing Festival and the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race Guangzhou docking station, continue to highlight the core of the event, expand the scale of the event, improve the quality of the event, and strengthen sports Cultural exchanges will accelerate the promotion of sailing, a vibrant, fashionable and beautiful, and uniquely attractive city brand logo, making sailing a new name card for Nansha and even Guangzhou, and assisting the development and construction of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road leisure sports development belt.

The 3rd Guangzhou Nansha International Regatta held at the Guangzhou Nansha Yacht Club in December 2019 is a sailing-themed cultural event sponsored by the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government. A large-scale comprehensive water sports event integrating tourism and culture.

Today, the Guangzhou Nansha International Regatta has entered its third year. It has become the four major sports brand events in Guangzhou with the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Race, Guangzhou Marathon Race and Speed Equestrian Race. At the same time, the event has also been included in the annual event by the China Sailing and Windsurfing Association. The event plan means that the development of Guangzhou Nansha sailing has ushered in a new period, and the future will also further enhance the brand of the event and its influence at home and abroad.